About us

ORS is an international company operating in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland with headquarters in Zurich. It is specialised in establishing and maintaining reception and accommodation centres for refugees on behalf of state and local authorities.

Founded in response to the refugee crisis of the Yugoslavian wars in 1992 we quickly learned how to adapt to new challenges that come without a warning. In the second half of 2015 we have established more than 30 reception centres and hired and trained more than 1.000 new employees in only a couple of months - only in Austria.

Through our international experience we have learned to meet different requirements by our contracting authorities. This experience puts us in a unique position to establish and maintain

  • initial reception centres
  • mid- and long-term accommodation centres
  • repatriation centres
  • emergency shelters
  • special shelters for vulnerable groups (e.g. unaccompanied women, unaccompanied minors etc).

Since 2016 ORS has established activities for the effective labour market integration. Among the various efforts we

  • train and prepare clients in our own training restaurants in Switzerland and Germany
  • select clients and support the job market integration with placement in external trainings
  • work closely with local public employment services and
  • search for talents to fill vacant positions in companies.

In each country we establish a subsidiary with local suppliers and hire local staff!



Our employees


ORS employs many specialists in the field of social work and related fields to provide comprehensive services:

  • social workers
  • nurses
  • medical doctors
  • cooks
  • sport trainers
  • plumbers, painters, water & electric installers
  • security personnel (subcontracts)
  • personnel consultants

In hiring and training many migrants we have not only contributed to their integration process but also benefitted from their experience, their intercultural knowledge and, of course, their native language skills.

Regardless of their place of origin, here’s why so many people want to work with and for us:





HR development

  • degree in social work/social pedagogy
  • completed training in a relevant field
  • experience in social work
  • range of languages
  • migration background
  • fair wages in line or above with market standards
  • part-time models
  • gender equality
  • various events for employees
  • option to choose location
  • intervision and regular team meetings
  • supervision
  • coaching
  • e-training
  • extensive training program with specialized courses
  • management development



Our mission statement


…reflects our attitude towards our clients

…serves as a key management tool

…is intensively communicated and implemented in the real world


Extract from our mission statement:

  • Dignity and the right to self-determination of the people we assist, are at the heart of our work.
  • We are politically and religiously neutral.
  • We safeguard people’s autonomy and promote their independence.
  • We act reliably and fair.
  • Our work is characterised by mutual appreciation and respect.
  • We keep social support and legal advice on the asylum process strictly separate.
  • We take responsibility for our work and our actions.
  • We continually reflect on and improve all our services.
  • We build trust and develop innovative concepts that bring applicable benefits.
  • Quality is a value that we live by. It is the key to our successful work.

To learn more about our values, click on the picture to read our Code of Conduct.


In more than 25 years we have developed solutions to all kinds of challenges that may occur when people of different nationalities, religions, gender and age live together on limited space for a limited period of time.
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