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ORS is Europe’s leading private service provider for governments which decide to outsource the professional care of asylum seekers and refugees as well as the management of all connected infrastructure and logistics services. ORS acts in a neutral, flexible and mindful way and provides a worry-free, all-in-one solution for state governments and local authorities.
  • We are an international company operating in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. Our headquarters are in Zurich.
  • We are specialised in establishing and maintaining reception and accommodation centres for public authorities.
  • We maintain an office in Brussels to ensure a close link between state and local entities and EU officials.
  • We contract local suppliers and hire local staff.
  • We are neutral in many ways:
    • Our origin is neither religious nor political.
    • ORS will never take part in or counsel for legal proceedings to gain asylum status.
    • ORS coordinates its public relations with our contracting partners.



ORS in numbers






Benefits to our contracting authorities

  • Support, social care 24/7, management - delivered by a „one-stop shop“
  • Neutrality: no stance adopted on political developments
  • Outstanding flexibility in adapting to new challenges
  • Unmatched professional attitude in times of crisis
  • Long serving, well-trained employees
  • Partner for the rapid establishment of accommodation centres
  • Partner for repatriation programmes
  • Efficient use of public funds
  • Administrative support to ensure EU funding
  • ORS has an unparalleled quality management system and is 6-times certified.


Maximum flexibility

ORS can recruit and train its employees very quickly, set up an accommodation centre extremely fast and manage it professionally due to ORS’s vast experience and best practices. During the last refugee crisis in 2015/16, we demonstrated for example in Austria our quick and efficient action to open and shut down accommodation centres. 


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Cost efficiency, professional management, close partnership, highest loyalty and the best care for asylum seekers in your country.
ORS provides you with a worry-free solution. Find more details on our

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About us: Many years of international experience

Founded in response to the refugee crisis of the Yugoslavian wars in 1992 we quickly learned how to adapt to new challenges that come without a warning. In the second half of 2015 we have created more than 30 reception centres. We hired and trained more than 1,000 new employees within only a couple of months. 

In Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany we have learned to adapt to very different requirements of our contracting authorities. This experience puts us in a position where we are able to establish and maintain

  • initial reception centres
  • long-term accommodation centres
  • repatriation centres and
  • emergency shelters.



Highest standards of quality








The key to peaceful centres and successful integration lies in skilled employees and in strict enforcement of the proven and certified concepts we have developed. Therefore, we invest heavily in our workforce and have one of the largest training programs in the industry. Find more details on our...

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ORS International

Currently ORS operates in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. ORS also maintains an office in Brussels to ensure a close link between state or local entities and EU officials.

Visit the websites of our European subsidiaries in their respective languages:








Annual Report 2019: Immerse yourself in the world of ORS

The publication of our annual report 2019 follows the strategy of acting transparent about our work in a sector in which we take care of highly vulnerable people. A short review of our last year gives us the strength to face the upcoming challenges of this year. Have an insight into an exciting and multidimensional environment, where the focus is the human being - whether as refugee or resident of a shelter, as employee or as client, as well as a supplier or just interested party.





Better to focus on connecting than disconnecting

This year's Leaders Conference with executives from ORS Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, almost 30 colleagues networked online to reflect the strategy, More >>